DIY Dollar Tree Easter Decor

In this post I came up with a few Easter decor ideas using items I found mostly at the Dollar Tree. For the first project I found a cute little bunny from there, however, the eyes just creeped me out and I decided to cut them off (poor bunny). I think this bunny was intended to be a hanging ornament so there was also a white ribbon I cut off from his back. I then got some green raffia ribbon from the Dollar Tree and tied a cute little bow around his neck. Total project cost: $2

I also found a cute bunny chair cover from the Dollar Tree and thought it’d look cute as a throw pillow. So I grabbed some pillow filler from Walmart for around $3 and stuffed the chair cover until it was nice and fat. I then took my hot glue gun and glue the bottom ends together. I could have easily made two more throw pillows with the left over filling so $6 for three throw pillows isn’t too shabby.

The last project gets a little more pricey, but I thought I’d still share. Also from the Dollar Tree I purchased a styrofoam wreath and some bunny ears. I then got a skein of white yarn from Hobby Lobby for $4.49 but remember you can use the 40% off coupon on your smart phone for this. I began by hot gluing the ears to the wreath and then wrapping the yarn around the whole wreath adding hot glue here and there to secure it.

Hope you all enjoyed my first post. Don’t forget to keep on crafting!

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