DIY Packaged Confetti

Guess who’s back, back again? Chelsea’s back. Tell a friend. Haha, no? Okay.

A few months back my friend and I made bags filled with confetti. Our intentions were to sell them on Etsy. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so now I’m stuck with a butt load of confetti. So I thought hey why not show everybody else how they too can make a butt load of their own packaged confetti.

To start we are going to being making our bag toppers. We will be using PicMonkeyΒ for this. Once you get there click on the PicMonkey logo that is located at the very top of the screen on the left hand side of the banner. If the image below is not what you are seeing go ahead and skip to the next step.



It will take you to the screen below. You will now want to click on the “Collage” icon at the top of the screen.



Now that you are on the collage screen you will see three solid white boxes with dashed borders. Hover your mouse in the large box at the top of the right hand corner and an “X” will appear. Click on it and this box should disappear.



We are now going to place a swatch in the two empty boxes. PicMonkey offers swatches or you can upload your own images, which is what I did. To put the swatches in the box simply click on the image you would like to use and drag it to the desired space.



I already had something written on my images when I uploaded if you would like a specific word on your bag topper you can still do this in pic monkey by going to the “Export To Editor” link. Then, once you are done click the “Save” button at the top of the page on the left hand side. You will have to create an account if you do not have one already by entering your e-mail and selecting a password. You will then be asked for a nickname. After you have chosen your nickname you will now be able to save your file. I selected “Pierce” for the quality of my image and then clicked “Save to my computer”. Name your file and click “Save”.

I then used Microsoft Word to print my image. I changed the layout of my paper from portrait to landscape so I could put more toppers on a page. You can do this by going to “Page Layout” and clicking the “Page Orientation” button and selecting landscape. Depending on the size of your treat bags you may have to adjust the size of your toppers. It took me a few minutes to find the right size, but I got it.



Finally, moving on to the fun part. Well I think it’s fun. Or should I say relaxing? Yeah, let’s go with that. I went to my local Hobby Lobby and grabbed some vibrant scrapbook pages and a heart punch out. The pages were .79 cents a piece and the punch was $2.99 at regular price, but I went when scrapbook items were 50% off. I also grabbed some treat bags and used my 40% off on my smart phone. I grabbed my 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and I flipped my heart punch upside down as I was punching them out to get as close as possible to the last punch I had made so I could get as many hearts as possible from one page.



After you get all the hearts you want cut out you need to bag them up into your treat bags and cut out your treat bag toppers!



Lastly, we are going to take our bag toppers and fold them in half. Then we will take out treat bags and fold them down rather than cut them. This will insure that they won’t fall out. You can use a little bit of tape to hold the bags closed, but it’s not necessary. Once you get the topper where you want make sure you staple the bag where you folded the treat bags. You will be able to see this by looking at the sides.



And we’re done! Hope you all enjoyed this blog post and remember to keep on crafting!




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