Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Watering Can Planter

Happy Sunday everyone! As you may know or at least hopefully you know, Mother’s Day is May 14th. That’s about two weeks from now. If you haven’t gotten your Mom something yet or don’t know what to get her don’t worry I got you.

I was wandering around Hobby Lobby (MY happiest place on earth) and I came across these cute miniature watering cans and I thought a cactus would look super cute in one of these. So that’s what I did. This watering can from the The Spring Shop was originally $2.99, but I do believe there items are always 40% off. So I only paid $1.79 for it.



Now, I will be totally honest. At first I attempted to use a paint marker, but that dream died fast when I realized how crappy my handwriting is. So instead, I dug through my scrapbook stickers just so I could trace, “MOM” on to the can. But then I found some clear wedding stickers and thought the wording was perfect for Mother’s Day. I had a little difficulty getting the sticker straight, but I eventually was pleased with it. I just ran my finger over top of it to get out any air bubbles.



Lastly, I added the cactus! Which I purchased from Walmart for $4. I added a little potting soil to the bottom and top of the can. and viola! I’m actually surprisingly pleased with it and plan on making another one for myself.




Hope you all enjoyed this blog post. I had originally planned something else. I had a great idea, but terrible execution, but hey there’s always next year right? I guess it’s alright though since this watering can planter is just so stinkin’ cute!

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