Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Floral Bouquet

Hey, hey everyone! Guess what time it is? It’s time for another Mother’s Day gift idea. Bet you didn’t see that coming because I know the blog post title didn’t give it away or anything. Anyways enough of me trying to be a comedian and failing miserably. Let’s get on with the bouquet!

I wanted to do something that wasn’t going to be pricey and something simple everyone could do. I use to be a floral clerk when I was in my early 20’s and I know floral arrangements can be expensive. Customer’s, a lot of the time, would come in and ask us to wrap their bouquets for them and we did not charge for this. All we did was wrap their flowers in tissue paper and tie some ribbon around it. ¬†And quite honestly in my opinion I thought they looked a little more special wrapped in tissue paper rather than in a vase.

So I purchased a vase ready bouquet from Schnucks and then made a trip to Hobby Lobby (of course) and picked up some tissue paper, some decorative trim, and some wooden letters.



I laid out my tissue paper and began arranging the flowers at the top of one of the corners. I would layer my flowers so they weren’t all sitting on top of one another. I also had to trim the stems down so I was able to wrap them.



I then wrapped the bouquet like so.






After I got the flowers all wrapped up I added a small piece of tape to the back of the bouquet to assure it wouldn’t come unwrapped. I hot glued the letters I got from Hobby Lobby together and tied it to the bouquet with some string. I also dabbed a tad bit of hot glue to the top M and some to the bottom M and carefully pressed it to the tissue paper so it wouldn’t slide out.





Hope you all enjoyed this post and don’t forget to keep on crafting!

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