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How To Outline A Text In GIMP Photo Editor

Well guys, I failed you this past weekend. I had a couple of projects in mind but decided to hold off on doing them for a couple of reasons. I also started working out this week and I work full time so that’s cut into my crafting time a little bit, but enough of the excuses. But of course I still wanted to put up a blog post for you guys though. So, today I’m going to be doing GIMP tutorial (how to outline a text). If you don’t know what GIMP is, it’s a free photo editing software. If you do not have GIMP you can download it here.

Now to get started, I went to a website called Dafont and downloaded a font that I liked (Bear Hugs). Most of these are free for personal use however some ask for a donation if you are using it for commercial use and there are some that are 100% free. All you have to do is click on the “Download” button next to the font that you like (it will also tell you above the download button if it’s free for personal use, commerial use, ect.) and after it’s done down loading open up the file and double click the text file. It will open up another window and at the top right there should be a button that says, “Install” click that. Make sure GIMP is closed while you are installing your font. Otherwise you will have to close it and reopen it for your font to appear.

Once you have your font installed and GIMP is open go up to File and select “New”. You can adjust the size of the image to your liking I did 1080px x 1080px

Screenshot of new image tool in GIMP


Making Your Gradient In GIMP

This part is optional, but I am going to be filling in the background using a gradient. Choose a color for your foreground color and background color. I chose pink and green.

Screenshot of foreground and background color icon in GIMP

Choose the blend tool icon and drag your mouse over the new image you created. You can drag it up, down, sideways, ect. Play around with it until you get it to where you like it.

Screenshot of gradient icon in GIMP

Your image should look something like this:

Screenshot of the pink and green gradient

Adding Your Text

Now, choose a color for your text by changing the foreground color. I chose white. Click on the text icon and select the font you want to use by clicking on the “Aa” icon. One again, I chose Bear Hugs. You can also choose the size of your text. My image is 1080px x 1080px so my font is going to be rather large since my image is large. Drag your mouse inside your image to create a box and type in your text. If  you need to make your text larger or smaller you must highlight your text first and then change the text size. You can also change the way your text is aligned by selecting one of the four options where it says “Justify” on the bottom left toolbar. I chose to align mine in the center.

My image now looks like this:

Gradient with text on top

Outlining Your Text

After you’ve done the previous steps you are going to right click on the text layer in the layer toolbox on the right.

Screenshot of text icon in GIMP

A drop down box will appear and you will need to select “Alpha to Selection”. A dashed line will appear all around your text like so:

Gradient with selected text on top

At the top of GIMP select “Select” and from the drop down menu choose “Grow”. In the pop-up box choose how many pixels wide you want your outline to be (I chose 6) and push ok.

Screenshot of grow tool in GIMP

Your dotted lines should have moved farther away from the text.

Gradient with text on top after using the grow tool

Select the Bucket fill too from the left tool box.Screenshot of bucket fill tool in GIMP

Begin filling in the spaces between the text and dashed line. I chose black.

Gradient with text on top after using the bucket fill tool

To get rid of the dashed line around your text simply go to the top of GIMP and select “Select” and from the drop down menu select “None”. The dashed line around the text should disappear, however the original dashed box will still be there. To get rid of this simply go to the top of GIMP and select “Layer” and from the drop down menu choose “Merge Down”. You can now save your image and you’re done!

Outlined text that says how to outline a text in GIMP

Hopefully you enjoyed this post. I plan to do these every so often. If you didn’t really care for this post I will have an actual craft project this weekend for you so make sure to check back and don’t forget to keep on crafting!

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